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  • Military makeover complete. We want to give you some insight on Ruben. At a young age Ruben suffered a farm accident involving a devastating blow to his mouth by way of a sledge hammer causing him to lose the majority of his teeth.

    Losing all of his teeth at a young age has lead to a lifetime of dental concerns. After completing High School Ruben enlisted himself into the Marines. After… basic training he became a Helio mechanic. He was then sent to Iraq, where he was given a new task and tapped out to Infantry protection.

    He served diligently in Falluja and Najaf where he was exposed to things no man should ever have to witness. He returned after to the United States and soon after suffered a broken back in a car accident causing him to be honorably discharged from the USMC and permanently disabled.

    We here at Rosewood family dentistry have enjoyed giving Ruben a new smile. He has been a joy to work with and we are honored to be his friend. We received numerous nominees for him and here is a few things they said; “Ruben put his life on the line for our freedom and lives in pain everyday, he would give his shirt off his back for anyone, he is a very giving and loving person.” That was just to name a few. Ruben , thank you again for your service and sacrifice. Semper Fidelis.